Monday, April 14, 2014

Two Weeks

Only two weeks until the 2014 edition of the  Forest City Road Races Half Marathon.  

In polar vortex friendly South Western Ontario, Mother Nature is still being a bipolar bitch with brief glimpses of nice weather.  We are about to plummet from a tropical 16C to -3C over the next 12 hours.  So while the weather was good this past weekend, I managed two solid albeit slow long runs.

After a winter diet of steady treadmill 10K runs, it appears I can manage the half marathon distance but I’m struggling to find any consistent speed.  After so much time on the treadmill,  my cadence is down to a lowly 160 steps per minute.  I'm concerned, but then again, I may be over analyzing as usual.

The last time I raced this event I was somewhat disappointed with my finishing time after wasting a strong start.  The last couple of kilometers didn't go as well as planned,  I was out of gas and falling apart mentally and physically.

So as disappointed as I was with the result,  two weeks later, I had an exceptional half marathon in Toronto even with another miserable  final two kilometers.

So knowing the FCRR course,  and my predisposition to finishing with my brain and tank completely empty,  I hit those last 4 kilometers hard yesterday.   Last year’s trail running makes the climb out of the park system seem less challenging.  Certainly what in the past has felt long and labored along the grade of Talbot and Central became strong and controlled on tired legs.

So,  just two weeks left.

Two weeks to work on picking up up my cadence.

Two weeks to relieve a tight stiff back.

Two weeks to massage a cranky hamstring.

Two weeks of madness. Stressing over every ache and pain and niggle.

Yup, I'd say I'm ready to race.

Are you ready?


CheapRunnerMike said...

Nope, I don't feel ready. This winter wore on me so bad and now that it's getting nicer out I can't seem to get healthy. The legs are fine but damn cold has me down now...argh.

Good luck this weekend, I'll keep an eye out for you!

Jeff Rowell said...

I'm putting a bullet in this never ending winter by having a beer on the patio at Jack Asters post race